Final Words from my Final InDepth

Now I know this is a little weird, and also kinda late, but I wanted to just tie up a few loose ends and share some incredibly exciting news!

First of all, massive thanks to the teachers.  Oh man, I definitely teared up during the beautiful video tribute to Mr. J.  Best of luck!

Secondly, I was amazed with the projects I saw from our nines.  I can’t wait to come back as an alumna and see what crazy things you guys accomplish as tens next year!

Finally, the biggest thank you to my fabulous mentor Kylee Brown.  I am so thankful for everything she taught me, and for passing on her boundless knowledge.  Even though Kylee is only in grade eleven, she has already applied and been accepted to JCI Institute!  I am so incredibly proud of her and can’t wait to see her thrive in this amazing post-secondary program.  Man am I jealous of the easy year you have to look forward to next year!

Anyway, Ky, this one’s for you, you deserve it 😉


Lumps, Bumps, and Bruises! A painfully satisfying look.

Another week, another crazy look. This week, to focus on the basics of FX makeup in general, we worked with bruise tones. My mentor and I got together on the one day, where we went through each step one by one together. She kindly left her kit with me this week, so I first replicated a similar bruise on my own, then experimented on my own with a different type of bruise by looking at images online. (Would not recommend by the way it was pretty gross.) By asking questions of my mentor, I gained further insight into why we placed colours where we did, and why harsh lines were so bad.

By the way, if you were interested, the different bruise tones represent:

White/Lighter tones = swelling or bone

Yellow/Green/Blue = add depth

Purple = old blood pooling

Red = new blood pooling

And harsh lines look fake, when in doubt, blend it out!

Kylee was very patient with me through all of my questions, and really helped assuage my anxieties about the whole mentor-mentee situation. We had a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy the images I posted on my Tumblr!


The Report. (and Queen Vi’s First Royal Decision!!!)

29th of June 1838, First Royal Conference:

I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open, I hope they’re not expecting me to be able to concentrate… Yeah okay, Canada… wait Canada? That’s a real place?? Okay, so they’re rebelling. Why don’t we just send Rad Jack in to deal with it? He can sort it out, I trust him. This is real boring… wait you want me to tell him what to do? It’s my first day, I don’t know! Uh, he can write a report. Yes, a report.

VANCOUVER IS REALLY PRETTY (and so is my mentor tbh)

I had such a great time with my mentor today! We decided to use our first meeting to get to know each other a bit better and decide just what I hope to get out of the project. We discussed the options, and to get started I plan to learn a bit of everything and go from there. As we walked around downtown, we chatted about different techniques as I explained where I was at experience-wise. We went by multiple beauty schools, such as curlicue multiple campuses, and stopped into a couple makeup stores for inspiration. We discussed certain concerns and complications she believed might come up, which leads me to where I began to practice Edward de Bono’s habits relating to agreement, disagreement, and how to agree to disagree.

Here are some of concerns we may face as a unit:

My lack of self confidence may get in the way for me as it did for my mentor. I disagreed with her at first, believing that the makeup would help boost my self confidence by creatively enhancing my features, but as I would be the one creating the art, I will truly have to work hard at appreciating the hard work I put in, and being confident in that work.

Being able to sit down and complete a work as there is no stopping and picking back up from where we left off. This is one I brought up, as with sewing I was able to take a break when I got frustrated coming back to the work even days later. With this project however, I will have to complete the job I start, or begin all the way back from square one. This is something I am sure my mentor will be able to guide me in, as it takes practice and determination. Both of which she has.

Finally, I have always struggled with the teacher-student dynamic due to my anxiety. Together we will have to find a way to make our mentor-mentee relationship one without too much stress.

There you have it! I can’t wait to work with my mentor, as I found today I have so SO much to learn from her. This should be fun!

You gotta put your best face forward!

Have you ever watched a movie or a tv show and wondered how on earth they managed to create a creature who has never existed from a perfectly normal human face? While sometimes this effect is achieved using cgi, oftentimes it is created using a cosmetic technique known as FX makeup. From wounds, to new facial structures, to a very convincing gender bend, FX makeup does it all. In addition to being a huge part of the film industry, FX makeup also has a large following on social media, with artists sharing their work on all sorts of platforms.

I feel that this topic is a great continuation from last year’s costuming project, as they are both applicable to my interest in the theatre. As I did last year, I’ll be able to continue to use my connections in the theatre to enhance my learning. I hope that working with makeup and forcing myself to photograph my work will help me foster a more positive self image.  This year, I really want to be able to work closely with my mentor. Knowing my own personal concerns, that means I have to already have a good relationship with them. To maximize my learning, I plan to have two mentors.

Kylee Brown:
A self taught fx makeup artist who regularly lends her tremendous skills to our Gleneagle theatre program. As she and I already spend a lot of time together, I will spend less time worrying about planning meet ups, and get more time to learn from her.
Here’s a link to her website:
And one to her Instagram:
I also plan on working with Leah Turner-James. She has worked on both movies and tv shows as an extra, and went to post secondary focusing specifically on wound FX makeup. I will update this post when I can get ahold of her.

My plan is to create a “look” approximately every 2 weeks to photograph and post, as well as practice on smaller scale techniques in between. By the end, I hope to complete my final and most difficult “look” for InDepth night.

I aim to get started next week, Kylee will be helping out with the school plays and hopefully I will get the chance to watch the master at work!

Biblography: AKA… How well did you stalk your Eminent person.

So.  My list of resources for my boundless knowledge of JK Rowling.

How I got to know her personally:

My main focus this year was to step away from just listing wikipedia facts and really delving deeply into my person as a person, rather than a figurine.  The first way I did this, before even starting this project, was to read her books.  When I read them a second time this summer with the intention of using her as my eminent person, I really appreciated how much of herself and her personal plights she managed to share with people through her books.  I also read the author’s note and dedications, as she is a hilarious writer.  As proven by her fantastic tweets!  I spent a lot of time just scrolling through her twitter basking in her endless wit and sense of humour.  As inspiration for my speech, I managed to find a video of the commencement speech she gave at Harvard in 2008.

I never realised what a powerful speaker she is!  It was really enlightening to hear her talk about her own experiences after just having read about them online.  Finally, I perused her website, and watched her Most Fascinating People video from 2007.

Where I found her biography:

As I already had a general idea of the things she has accomplished, I used Wikipedia to brush up on my JK Rowling trivia.  She has not yet written an autobiography, but I would be first in line to buy it if she did!

That is about it, oh and hey, thanks for actually reading this blog post long enough to see this next gif that ran through my head throughout all my research.


So for my document of learning, I have a couple of my original drafts from the many I have done to complete my speech.  I just had so many completely different ideas for this small portion of the project!  I did a draft for each one, and could not decide on my own which of them to pick.  Thankfully, I have an arsenal of ruthless critics in my friends and family who eventually helped me decide on the speech you will hear Wednesday evening.  Can’t wait to see you all there!

P.S. There is a small performance note beforehand as an idea of what I would have done onstage.

(Stumbles on in winter coat crying, sad soft music plays, rips off medical mask and collapses to ground while music fades out)

I can’t believe she’s gone.  The one person who knew about you, who saw your future even better than I did, has died.  How am I supposed to complete your story Harry, when she was the one person I was most excited to share it with.  I’m really sorry but it’s time for this folly to stop I’ll never be a writer and that’s that!  It’s what people have tried to tell me all along, and they had the right idea.  I’ve just got my head stuck up in the clouds.  No, you’re right, this isn’t what she would have wanted.  That story wasn’t just for me and her to share.  Ever since I was a child I’ve had dreams of reaching people with what I’ve found up in those clouds my teachers told me to get out of, and it’s time I do.  I want to write the words read to children everywhere as they slowly drift off to sleep.  I want to share your story Harry, because it’s an important one to tell.  No matter what I’m going to finish this.  For you, for the children, and for my mother.

(Unlocking door in winter coat in a rush, locks door and slowly sinks to floor breathing a sigh of relief while stroking “baby” in carrier)

Oh Jessie, I know it’s cold, but we’re safe now.  I hope you’re young enough not to remember what your father has done.  We’ll be happy now, just you and me.  You’ll see, now that we’re back in the UK, things will get better.  I promise.  Oh please don’t cry, let me tell you a story I thought up a long time ago.  In fact, I thought it up just before your grandmother died.  You won’t ever know her, but she was an amazing woman.  You would have loved her.  Now this story isn’t finished yet, but it all starts with a boy.  A young boy by the name of Harry Potter.

*reach to pull out manuscript*

“Start story”

The Beginning of the Greatest Love Story Since Arthur and Molly Weasley

Let me begin this heartwarming tale on an evening much like the last, ten years ago.  I was getting all tucked into bed, when I reminded my father that it was time for a story.  While I suggested some of my favourites, like the Magic Treehouse series, my dad had something different in mind.  “Be right back”, he said, as he raced out of the room.  He came back with a book far bigger than I was used to, with a young boy on the front.  I was soon to learn that this young boy’s name was Harry Potter.

I was hooked.  Every night I would beg and plead for just one more chapter, and then another, and another.  Meanwhile my father’s eyes had already shut.  I reached for the book, and began to read it myself.  Very slowly at first, but after awhile I began to read to my father!  I fancied myself a part of this fantastical place, of witches and wizards, of spell books and quills; every chapter brought me into a new adventure.  When the adventures ended, and Harry went back to the Dursleys for the first time, I was devastated.  The next day however, I found six other books about my wonderful new friends!  I’ve been in love with those 7 books ever since.

I have grown up knowing some of the greatest characters in the world.  These characters were dreamt up by none other than JK Rowling.  I have chosen her as my notable person, as I have heard countless tales of her stories reaching so many others like they did me.  I never felt alone as long as I had her books.  Through all of her struggles to her triumphs, she has never stopped inspiring a love of reading in young kids growing up in the age of technology.

I look forward to getting to know her more personally during this project, though I worry that I won’t be able to honour the brave, graceful woman I have looked up to for so long.  I hope that I can find how she was inspired to write this amazing series, and how her books have stood the test of time.

I believe that the biggest barrier between JK Rowling and myself is that she is a successful writer, and I have never written a decent piece in my life.  I hope I can channel her amazing writing skills into writing my speech!

Ah ZIP, what a lovely Christmas present.


I was super duper excited for this project, as I had had so many ideas rattling around in my brain since ZAP.  I am psyched to introduce you to the wonderful world of FanFiction.

FanFiction is actually super cool, because it’s fascinating just how many ways people can interpret the characters developed by others.  I assure you, it is not all twelve-year-old girls living out their fantasies with One Direction, but a collection of amazing authors who have chosen to share their works that bring your favourite characters to life in a whole new light.  One way in which authors of this form of literature reduce the chances of being dull and shadowing the original authors material is through AUs.  AUs, also known as alternate universes, are when you take the characters and put them in a different time period, geographical location or both.

In our story, we chose to use the characters from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.  We used a medieval AU because we felt that it best suited the characters and the plot line we wanted to establish.  Then came the planning.

Planning Doc

This took the most of our time as we hadn’t really planned to write three (or four) stories in one.  It did considerably lessen the writing time though, which really helped us as we were prone to writer’s block.

Then the writing and posting, which all happened in one fell swoop.  This was where our shiny vocab words got off the bench, and our dialogue became more formed to the characters. We learned a lot about how to match our wording and sentence structure to the characters, for usually you get to set the character voice whereas in FanFiction, the one rule is to follow the original characters’.

AO3 Link Link

We’d really love to get feedback, and we look forward to continuing it in future.  Please be our favourite people and keep reading!

Miss Adrienne: Best. Piano teacher. Ever.

In researching for this interview, I discovered just how cool my piano teacher is.  I’ve been so lucky to have been her student for the past…  six years now?  I could never have asked for a better teacher.  So when we were asked to interview a leader in our community that we admire, she was the first person I thought of.

  1. Who is your community leader?  Adrienne Sim, founder of Simusique music studio.
  2. Leader’s background, training, education, etc…  She holds an ARCT in Piano Performance and a Bachelor of Music from UBC with a major in piano and a minor in voice.  She is also an accredited music therapist with a second Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy from Capilano University.  
  3. Exceptional personal qualities of your leader.  I really admire her confidence and her compassion.
  4. Accomplishments in the community.  She has taught countless students to play the piano without making them hate her.  If you’ve ever done piano, you will understand that this is a feat most fail to achieve.
  5. Why do YOU believe this person is an effective community leader?  Miss Adrienne has the patience of a saint.  It takes a lot to teach piano to so many children every day and keep your sanity.
  6. How does this leader inspire you and others to make a difference?  She inspires us by encouraging us to continue.  As many times as I’ve wanted to quit, I’ve persevered, and I have her to thank for that.  I believe this comes from when her piano teacher’s support led to her pursuing a career in music.
  7. What do you take away from this conversation with your leader?  I took away a deeper understanding of how hard it is to teach.  I have complained many times about piano, not understanding that everything she does is in my best interests.  As much as I hate practicing Technique, I understand that it will help me in the future in my playing.  After all, if it didn’t help, she wouldn’t make me play it!

All in all this project was super interesting, and I learned a lot about what it takes to be a leader in this profession.  The specific area I wished to focus on was her confidence, as I often struggle to play for my peers.  She told me that she never truly got rid of the shyness that most performers are faced with, and I realized that perhaps my nervousness wasn’t as visible as I thought it was.  I also asked her how she is so confident when talking to the parents of her students, because when I had a tutoring job last year I would dread having to talk to parents, even though I was getting paid.  She told me that it comes with time, and that over the years, it just gets easier.  

If you guys are interested, here’s a link to Simusique’s YouTube channel and the website.

Also, one last thing.  If you have a piano (or music) teacher you think can rival mine as being the best, please leave a comment below!