Final Words from my Final InDepth

Now I know this is a little weird, and also kinda late, but I wanted to just tie up a few loose ends and share some incredibly exciting news!

First of all, massive thanks to the teachers.  Oh man, I definitely teared up during the beautiful video tribute to Mr. J.  Best of luck!

Secondly, I was amazed with the projects I saw from our nines.  I can’t wait to come back as an alumna and see what crazy things you guys accomplish as tens next year!

Finally, the biggest thank you to my fabulous mentor Kylee Brown.  I am so thankful for everything she taught me, and for passing on her boundless knowledge.  Even though Kylee is only in grade eleven, she has already applied and been accepted to JCI Institute!  I am so incredibly proud of her and can’t wait to see her thrive in this amazing post-secondary program.  Man am I jealous of the easy year you have to look forward to next year!

Anyway, Ky, this one’s for you, you deserve it 😉


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