Swimming in Hats: De Bono’s Guide to Argument and how it relates to mermaids I guess?

My mentor and I had a discussion about what we’ve worked on so far, and what I have yet to learn before I can accomplish the tasks I have laid out for myself on InDepth Night (the bolded text is the colour of the hat):

Kylee: So we’ve touched on basic character styles, bruise tones, what do you want to work on next?

Olivia: I was thinking something more fantasy-based, something that uses more creativity?

Kylee: That sounds good but at some point we should move on to some prosthetic looks cause those might take a while to learn based on how finicky they can be.

Olivia: I am so looking forward to that!  I know you’re not feeling very well right now though so I feel like we should wait till we have more time to spend together to start on that.

Kylee: Cool.  What kind of fantasy look were you thinking?

Olivia: Well I still have your bruise tone kit, so hopefully something I can accomplish with that and what I already have at home.  Any thoughts?

Kylee: I’d love to show you how to do this one look I saw on Youtube, it only uses cool tones like the ones in the palette, but it’ll be a bit of trial and error as I’ve never tried it.  Do you think we can risk it?

Olivia: Yo that looks pretty wild, let’s do it!

Now just to catch you up with the plan, we have plans to start a prosthetic look as soon as Ky is feeling better, but in the meantime we plan to work on a Maleficent and/or dying Bella look that uses contour to drastically change the apparent shape of the face.  Super stoked as very soon I will get to work on some models!!!  Be sure to check out my Tumblr, but here’s a look I’m pretty proud of!

One thought on “Swimming in Hats: De Bono’s Guide to Argument and how it relates to mermaids I guess?

  1. Very creative way to incorporate De Bono’s concepts and analysis in your post. Start thinking how you would like to “display” your learning at in-depth night. I would like to suggest that you “wear” a look, walking around the MPR and answering questions from the audience. What goals are you going to be working for the remainder of the project?

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