Angwy Tink is at it again!

Yay I finished my very first look!!! I’m really proud of myself, I managed to overcome my hecking anxiety and actually did a Tinkerbell look complete with dress, hair, and all! I loved working with my mentor, I had so much fun!
During our session, I made connections to last years InDepth, talking about my mentorship issues and how I struggled to connect with my mentor. We strategized on how we can do it better this time around.
I loved doing the Tink look as first of all many of the techniques can be brought over to doing Disney Princess, which I very much hope to do in future. Secondly, many people believe that I look like Tink when I’m angwy.

While completing our assignment, when I struggled to figure out a portion, I asked for clarification! I trusted Ky, and also she can tell when I look confused and scared. However we managed to stumble through together, and I learned valuable lessons in blending!

At one point, when applying eyeliner, Ky showed me how to do it her way. As I had some, very limited, experience in eyeliner, I tried another way and somehow it worked out?

Anyway, I’m really glad on how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it?


2 thoughts on “Angwy Tink is at it again!

  1. I enjoy it. The look is awesome. Well done. Maybe next time you can take multiple photos from beginning to end to show us the transformation step by step!

  2. Now I can see the resemblance. Great work, Tink! I admire anyone who can transform one’s appearance with artistic stage makeup. Looking forward to future “looks”!

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