VANCOUVER IS REALLY PRETTY (and so is my mentor tbh)

I had such a great time with my mentor today! We decided to use our first meeting to get to know each other a bit better and decide just what I hope to get out of the project. We discussed the options, and to get started I plan to learn a bit of everything and go from there. As we walked around downtown, we chatted about different techniques as I explained where I was at experience-wise. We went by multiple beauty schools, such as curlicue multiple campuses, and stopped into a couple makeup stores for inspiration. We discussed certain concerns and complications she believed might come up, which leads me to where I began to practice Edward de Bono’s habits relating to agreement, disagreement, and how to agree to disagree.

Here are some of concerns we may face as a unit:

My lack of self confidence may get in the way for me as it did for my mentor. I disagreed with her at first, believing that the makeup would help boost my self confidence by creatively enhancing my features, but as I would be the one creating the art, I will truly have to work hard at appreciating the hard work I put in, and being confident in that work.

Being able to sit down and complete a work as there is no stopping and picking back up from where we left off. This is one I brought up, as with sewing I was able to take a break when I got frustrated coming back to the work even days later. With this project however, I will have to complete the job I start, or begin all the way back from square one. This is something I am sure my mentor will be able to guide me in, as it takes practice and determination. Both of which she has.

Finally, I have always struggled with the teacher-student dynamic due to my anxiety. Together we will have to find a way to make our mentor-mentee relationship one without too much stress.

There you have it! I can’t wait to work with my mentor, as I found today I have so SO much to learn from her. This should be fun!

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