You gotta put your best face forward!

Have you ever watched a movie or a tv show and wondered how on earth they managed to create a creature who has never existed from a perfectly normal human face? While sometimes this effect is achieved using cgi, oftentimes it is created using a cosmetic technique known as FX makeup. From wounds, to new facial structures, to a very convincing gender bend, FX makeup does it all. In addition to being a huge part of the film industry, FX makeup also has a large following on social media, with artists sharing their work on all sorts of platforms.

I feel that this topic is a great continuation from last year’s costuming project, as they are both applicable to my interest in the theatre. As I did last year, I’ll be able to continue to use my connections in the theatre to enhance my learning. I hope that working with makeup and forcing myself to photograph my work will help me foster a more positive self image. ┬áThis year, I really want to be able to work closely with my mentor. Knowing my own personal concerns, that means I have to already have a good relationship with them. To maximize my learning, I plan to have two mentors.

Kylee Brown:
A self taught fx makeup artist who regularly lends her tremendous skills to our Gleneagle theatre program. As she and I already spend a lot of time together, I will spend less time worrying about planning meet ups, and get more time to learn from her.
Here’s a link to her website:
And one to her Instagram:
I also plan on working with Leah Turner-James. She has worked on both movies and tv shows as an extra, and went to post secondary focusing specifically on wound FX makeup. I will update this post when I can get ahold of her.

My plan is to create a “look” approximately every 2 weeks to photograph and post, as well as practice on smaller scale techniques in between. By the end, I hope to complete my final and most difficult “look” for InDepth night.

I aim to get started next week, Kylee will be helping out with the school plays and hopefully I will get the chance to watch the master at work!

2 thoughts on “You gotta put your best face forward!

  1. Kylee will be a great mentor to start with. How did she learn her skills? Are you able to use this skill for the current musical at all? Just curious.

    What do you need in terms of supplies?


  2. Liv, What a great way to extend your learning in the theatre arts with a unique area that is so often misunderstood (or just plain ignored) by those of us who sit in the audience. I can’t wait to see your updated “looks” throughout the months ahead. Enjoy!

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