Biblography: AKA… How well did you stalk your Eminent person.

So.  My list of resources for my boundless knowledge of JK Rowling.

How I got to know her personally:

My main focus this year was to step away from just listing wikipedia facts and really delving deeply into my person as a person, rather than a figurine.  The first way I did this, before even starting this project, was to read her books.  When I read them a second time this summer with the intention of using her as my eminent person, I really appreciated how much of herself and her personal plights she managed to share with people through her books.  I also read the author’s note and dedications, as she is a hilarious writer.  As proven by her fantastic tweets!  I spent a lot of time just scrolling through her twitter basking in her endless wit and sense of humour.  As inspiration for my speech, I managed to find a video of the commencement speech she gave at Harvard in 2008.

I never realised what a powerful speaker she is!  It was really enlightening to hear her talk about her own experiences after just having read about them online.  Finally, I perused her website, and watched her Most Fascinating People video from 2007.

Where I found her biography:

As I already had a general idea of the things she has accomplished, I used Wikipedia to brush up on my JK Rowling trivia.  She has not yet written an autobiography, but I would be first in line to buy it if she did!

That is about it, oh and hey, thanks for actually reading this blog post long enough to see this next gif that ran through my head throughout all my research.

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