So for my document of learning, I have a couple of my original drafts from the many I have done to complete my speech.  I just had so many completely different ideas for this small portion of the project!  I did a draft for each one, and could not decide on my own which of them to pick.  Thankfully, I have an arsenal of ruthless critics in my friends and family who eventually helped me decide on the speech you will hear Wednesday evening.  Can’t wait to see you all there!

P.S. There is a small performance note beforehand as an idea of what I would have done onstage.

(Stumbles on in winter coat crying, sad soft music plays, rips off medical mask and collapses to ground while music fades out)

I can’t believe she’s gone.  The one person who knew about you, who saw your future even better than I did, has died.  How am I supposed to complete your story Harry, when she was the one person I was most excited to share it with.  I’m really sorry but it’s time for this folly to stop I’ll never be a writer and that’s that!  It’s what people have tried to tell me all along, and they had the right idea.  I’ve just got my head stuck up in the clouds.  No, you’re right, this isn’t what she would have wanted.  That story wasn’t just for me and her to share.  Ever since I was a child I’ve had dreams of reaching people with what I’ve found up in those clouds my teachers told me to get out of, and it’s time I do.  I want to write the words read to children everywhere as they slowly drift off to sleep.  I want to share your story Harry, because it’s an important one to tell.  No matter what I’m going to finish this.  For you, for the children, and for my mother.

(Unlocking door in winter coat in a rush, locks door and slowly sinks to floor breathing a sigh of relief while stroking “baby” in carrier)

Oh Jessie, I know it’s cold, but we’re safe now.  I hope you’re young enough not to remember what your father has done.  We’ll be happy now, just you and me.  You’ll see, now that we’re back in the UK, things will get better.  I promise.  Oh please don’t cry, let me tell you a story I thought up a long time ago.  In fact, I thought it up just before your grandmother died.  You won’t ever know her, but she was an amazing woman.  You would have loved her.  Now this story isn’t finished yet, but it all starts with a boy.  A young boy by the name of Harry Potter.

*reach to pull out manuscript*

“Start story”

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