The Brutality and Deceit of the Fabulous Tudors

Disloyalty, cruelty and murder, oh my!  The years 1400-1600 in the British Isles were certainly very eventful in the way of progress.  As we know, this often means a lot of bloodshed.  From Henry VIII and his many wives, Edward VI with his manipulative advisors to Bloody Mary and her reign of terror.  It’s hard to imagine that anything good came out of this tragedy of a dynasty!  The last reigning monarch of this line of insane rulers was however, Elizabeth I.  The incredible things she accomplished during her time as Queen are something to be in awe of. Throughout her reign she was pressured to marry, but as she knew she would have to sacrifice all of her power as Queen, she declined.  Ruling a country the way she did without a man at her side was unheard of during her time!  I am truly in complete admiration of this woman.  After all she went through, the death threats and the house arrests, she managed to forgive her sister and repair all the damage her family had wrecked upon the nation.  This dynasty may have been a disaster, but it definitely didn’t end in tragedy.

The torture and execution methods used on criminals were still very barbaric and cruel during this time.  There were many executions during the reign of Queen Mary which coined her the title “Bloody Mary”, as well as many carried out by her father King Henry VIII.  All in all, I find it fascinating just how much pain and suffering we managed to put our fellow human beings through in the name of the Lord.

Google Doc: British Isles 1400-1600

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