Inquiring About the Existence of Life, Among Other Curious Concepts.

Any chance I get to start a thought provoking or perhaps controversial discussion I will certainly take.  I love partaking in conversations with passion, ones that bring many different opinions into play.  Obviously, to begin something like this, you must have a repertoire of questions without a defined answer.  Here are a few questions to which answers would be hard to find.

  1. Why are prejudices developed?  Why did humans accept women as lesser than men?  Or people with skin colours other than white as less than human?  Is is ingrained within us or was it a learned behaviour?
  2. Why did we create complicated systems and believe they’d make life simpler?  We’ve created monetary systems, taxes, stocks and bonds, real estate systems and other confusing customs, but we desire an easier lifestyle?  How is that possible if there are so many things to worry, stress and fret about!  
  3. Why are human beings perpetually unfulfilled?  Why is it that we desire that which we do not have?  Why do we covet the possessions of our neighbours?  Again, is it human nature, or something we have developed?
  4. Does the existence of sadness affect the feeling of being happy?  By extension, would a good thing feel better after a long spell of bad things?  Could this connect to the previous question, would we feel more satisfied if we weren’t accustomed to good things?
  5. Is the Universe truly infinite?  Were it to be, anything you can think of exists somewhere in the Universe.  There are an infinite amount of copies of you, even different dimensions where you have made the opposite decision.  Maybe because one of you had eggs rather than toast for breakfast, you got salmonella and had a revealing dream on morphine which began a million dollar franchise and that copy became very wealthy.  I’d advise you not to dwell too much on this subject for now I am questioning every decision I have ever made.
  6. Who dreamt up the radical concept of religion, and when?  I would imagine it was just before the middle ages, for it was during that time that a belief in a religion became a way to cope with the harsh conditions of life.  Each religion has their own beginning, but I still have so many questions!  Who transcribed the Bible?  How did they know of the exact details of each event?  
  7. How did certain people take the beautiful concept of religion and turn it into a way of justifying their terrible actions to themselves and to the public?  There are many documented instances where people have done horrible things “In the Name of God”.  Why?  How could they take things so far as to say that God would grant them forgiveness for what is so obviously a sin?
  8. If the Devil is considered bad, why does he punish the sinners?  Why is he not considered good for doing so? 


Now I believe that there are certain questions here are without answer, many people have dedicated their lives to finding the answers, but they are usually unsuccessful.  Most of my questions are fairly daunting, but I am inspired to pursue 1, 3, 4 and 6.  I feel that reading the holy writings of the bigger religions may help me with #6, and learning more about human psychology would aid me in finding answers to 1, 3 and 4. I don’t know if I’ll ever be successful, but I’ll be able to make more educated theories.  This diverse set of questions I feel says I am a very inquisitive and curious person!  I have many questions about human existence and religion, which says that these concepts may be the most foreign to me.  I am always up for a good discussion, so if any of these questions intrigue you or you have more information to give me, let me know!

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