Columbus: Genocide of the Innocent.

Having been born in the US, I had this concept of Christopher Columbus familiar to many Americans.  I believed he had colonized America and created the land populated by 318.89 million people today.  Reading about the horrors he committed whilst doing so, makes me wonder if it was worth it.  While it’s true we may not have all the “progress” that we made after we colonized America, is that such a bad thing?  I believe that had the Arawaks and other indigenous peoples survived, we would have had a very different type of progress.  Perhaps one with less brutality and greed?

The sad thing is is that even if Columbus had not colonized America, others would have.  It is human nature at this point to pillage, conquer and destroy.  Over and over and over in history we have destroyed helpless peoples who could have contributed to the creation of a better society.  The reason it continues to happen today is that we have not accepted the fact that our great country was built upon a foundation of the remains of peoples who lived long ago.  We still have a day to celebrate this genocidal self-proclaimed explorer, navigator and colonizer of the “New World”.  Once we all understand the truth about this man, the sooner we can change our ways and grow together as a world.

As I was reading the article, the first thing that popped into my head was a stand-up comedy skit done by the great Eddie Izzard.


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